Friday, August 6, 2010

The First 6 Days

So the last 6 days have been completely crazy.

I'm talking painting 2000 square feet in 3 days, 14 ft ceilings included, kinda crazy.

Here's the point form:
  • My amazing boyfriend came down from NYC for 2 days to drive us around to grab lumberand furniture and every other heavy object we needed. We got a $60 ticket for parking in front of the space for 3 minutes while we ran a couch inside. Pauly lost his mind andcalled the bike cop an asshole which didn't improve the situation at all.

  • We found 3 amazing coffee tables we're going to use as displays.

  • Came up with this 'Narnia' type of closet idea that we are going to fill up with vintage party dresses, that looks really separate from the store.
  • Pauly built us the sexiest rolling racks made out of old lumber and pipes.

  • Matt Dog and Pauly also blew our minds by making the most incredible front display bench...barn board and scrap metal never looked so nice.

  • Meg and I are emotional roller coasters. Some days it's all beer and all fun and some days it's a lot of crying and hugs and stress. We basically dreamed up our ideal store, put a budget together and started go go going in the last 4 weeks. If the beautiful store we lucked out on didn't come up for rent who knows what we would be doing right now. As soon as the for rent sign was posted, it was a series of 500 phone calls and texts to each other coming up with our dream store and how we were going to go about doing it.Sometimes, when opportunity knocks you have 5 minutes to decide how you want to live the rest of your life, kick open the door in your pyjamas and yell 'WHAT'S UP NOW, MUTHERFU....'
  • At the end of the day we are so lucky for the people who have come to our rescue with funding, tool boxes, beers, vans, paint and sailboats.

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  1. Going to be the nicest store in Parkdale with the smartest most business savvy babes around. Shop there or lose.